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This page provides links to a collection of free online courses suitable for supporting Palestinian students and academics with their continuing personal and professional development, with many available for classroom use.

These high-quality courses are produced by the following UK organisations:


The FutureLearn MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform has 170+ UK and international partners and provides courses to participants in over 190 countries.  



The OpenLearn free platform is run by the UK Open University and has proved very popular, attracting over 10 million visitors per year from all across the globe.


Free online courses in 'Blended learning' and 'Online Remote Delivery' will help you to adapt to blended & online learning delivery as well as provide you best practices for supporting your learners.

British Council

The British Council is well known for the quality of its English language courses, which it has been teaching for over 75 years, reaching over 100 million learners.

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Study Skills / UK University Requirements

These courses cover the essential skills required for studying at university level, covering such topics as time management, note-taking, approaches to reading and exam preparation. Also provided are courses designed to prepare students for post-graduate study at UK universities.

Improving Your Study Techniques  (University of Groningen) (4 weeks x 2 hrs/week)

Summarising text (1 hour) Introductory

Paraphrasing text (1 hour) Intermediate

Critical Thinking at University: An Introduction (University of Leeds)   (2 weeks x 4 hours/week)

University life in the UK: Prepare to study and live in the UK (4 weeks x 3 hours/week)

Succeeding in post-graduate study (24 hours Advanced)

Interdisciplinary Learning: Working Across Disciplines (University of Leeds) (2 weeks x 4 hrs/week)

English for Academic Study (Coventry University)   (2 weeks x 3 hours/week)

English: skills for learning (24 hours) Introductory

Writing Skills

Developing academic writing in English is essential for producing high-quality assignments and research at many Palestinian universities and institutions around the world. These courses cover academic writing at different levels and for different purposes, and address relevant topics such as referencing, proofreading and plagiarism.

A Beginner's Guide to Writing in English for University Study (University of Reading) (5 weeks x 3 hrs/week)

An Intermediate Guide to Writing in English for University Study (University of Reading) (5 weeks x 3 hrs / week)

Exploring Academic Writing (Coventry University) (1 week x 7 hours)

English: skills for learning (24 hours) Introductory

Essay and Report writing skills (15 hours) Introductory

Report Writing at University (Coventry University) (1 week x 7 hours)

Technical Report Writing for Engineers (University of Sheffield)  (6 weeks; 3 hours/week)

Research Skills

The skills needed to write successful PhD and other research project proposals are covered in these courses, which also include essential training in data gathering and evaluation, and research ethics.

Discovering Your PhD Potential: Writing a Research Proposal (University of Leicester) (5 weeks x 2 hours/week)

Introduction to Research Ethics: Working with People  (University of Leeds) (2 weeks x 4 hrs/week)

Becoming an Ethical researcher  (18 hours) Advanced

Presentation Skills

Presenting research and assignments in a clear and accessible format appropriate for different types of audience is a core requirement of advanced study. These courses will guide you in making effective presentations.

Become a better presenter: improve your presentation skills (Royal Observatory Greenwich) (3 weeks) Learn how to improve your presentation skills and add personality into your presentation style on this three-week course. (Free for access limited to 3 weeks)

Effective communication in the workplace (8 weeks)  After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • describe different types of communication and how they are used in the workplace
  • recognise the skills required for effective communication
  • understand the impact that communication can have on how people are perceived by others
  • identify how effective communication can overcome challenges in the workplace
  • reflect on current personal communication skills and how these can be developed and used more successfully.


Learning Online

The role of online learning is only set to grow. These courses will assist you in developing effective learning and research strategies to make the most of your online learning experience.

Am I ready to be a distance learner? (3 hours) Introductory

Preparing to Learn Online at University (University of Leeds)  (3 weeks x 2 hours/week)

Learning Online: Researching Your Project  (University of Leeds) (2 weeks x 2 hrs/week)

Learning Online: Communicating and Collaborating  (University of Leeds) (2 weeks x 2hrs/week)

Building confidence in using online learning forums (8 hours) Introductory

Teaching Online

Moving classes online poses many challenges to traditional pedagogies. These courses assist teachers and lecturers in delivering engaging and accessible courses online that make the most of the opportunities provided by available technology.

How to Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students (3 weeks x 2 hrs/week)

Take your teaching online  (24 hours) Intermediate

Teachers sharing resources online  (10 hours) Intermediate

Assistive Technologies and online learning (8 hours) Advanced

Exploring Teaching and Assessment for Higher Education  (two week course)  Useful skills for online and in-person teaching

Working Across Cultures

Whether working, studying or researching across borders, the appreciation of cultural diversity and the ability to succeed in a multicultural setting is an increasingly valued asset. These courses help develop skills in this area.

Intercultural Communication: Dynamics of cultural identities in global interaction  (5 weeks) If you are interacting with students from overseas, studying abroad, traveling, working in a multinational office, or simply eager to know ways of improving your communication skills, then seeking to understand how to overcome cultural differences is crucial. (Free for access limited to 5 weeks)



English Language Support

If you wish to improve your English for personal, professional or academic reasons, you will find courses here to meet your needs. Many of the available courses include interactive components that will allow you to practice what you have learnt.

English for the Workplace  This course for English learners helps you to develop the language you need to find a job and succeed in the workplace.

LearnEnglish – Self Access Materials

Learn English – Getting Started

Learn English – Skills

Learn English – Grammar

Learn English – Vocabulary

Learn English – Business English

Learn English – General English

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