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Fobzu Winter Appeal 2020Occupation is hitting education. Covid-19 is making things worse.

Palestinian students are struggling

The Palestinian economy is under siege and Gaza has faced a worsening humanitarian crisis over the past 13 years since the illegal blockade began. COVID-19 has deepened the crisis - unemployment in Gaza has now grown to 49%. Growing poverty makes it harder for students to pay tuition fees which reduces funds for universities.

Fobzu makes a difference

The number of COVID-19 cases is still rising in the West Bank and Gaza. Fobzu has responded by working with UNRWA to provide laptops, tablets and internet to joint Fobzu-UNRWA students at Birzeit University and in Gaza. We are also continuing to provide much needed scholarships to students in financial need and working to raise awareness about their plight.

With your help we can do more. Please make a donation today.

Donate £100 or more and receive an original Hirbawi keffiyeh - Made in Palestine!

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