Education isn't a luxury. It's a lifeline.

When families are trying to find money for food and shelter, getting a degree is not seen as a priority. But education is not a luxury. It's a lifeline.

A big thank you to everyone who has already donated to our summer appeal to help Palestinian students in the West Bank and Gaza. Your support makes a world of difference to young Palestinians in serious financial need who are determined to continue their education.

And if you haven't already done so, please make a donation to our appeal today.

Following the success last year of our Fobzu-Ahdaf scholarship scheme at Birzeit University, we are expanding the programme to support students at universities across both the West Bank and Gaza so that we can meet needs better.

This joint programme includes a community activity component promoting partnership and relationship building. Current projects include a book exchange scheme, to help students access the course books they need; educational workshops to encourage critical thinking; extra curricula foreign language classes for university students and school children; and a new Cinema Club to engage students in issues that matter and impact their communities.

Will you help Palestinian students who cannot continue their education without financial support?

Students on the joint scholarship scheme have responded brilliantly to unfolding events in both the West Bank and Gaza. Last year, students in Bethlehem went to Dheshia camp to make a video about refugees and the strike of staff working for UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency). Then, during Israel’s summer offensive, students in both the West Bank and Gaza worked together on a project to raise money to buy blankets for displaced families from Beit Hanoun and Shuja’iyya.

Despite the many obstacles they face, they are incredibly committed to making a difference. “Being part of the scholarship and community projects,” says Asma Masharqa Dasa, one of our students at Birzeit University, “always reminds me of my responsibility to create a better future and has added value to my life.”

Please donate today and give a young person like Asma an opportunity to continue their education and develop their full potential in their community.

Aimee Shalan, Fobzu Director

We promise to use your donation to support the educational needs of the Palestinian people, wherever the need is greatest.