Applications open for Ahdaf-Fobzu scholarships

"Being part of the Ahdaf-Fobzu scholarship and community projects always reminds me of my responsiblity to create a better future and has added value to my life." - Ahdaf-Fobzu scholar.

Applications are now open for our joint Ahdaf-Fobzu scholarship programme for 2015/16.

Over the past year we piloted a joint Ahdaf-Fobzu scholarship scheme at Birzeit University. Following the success of the programme, we are now expanding these joint scholarships to include students at universities across the West Bank and Gaza.

Applications that do well will usually:

  • Have a strong community project proposal which is well researched and thought out

  • Come from applicants in serious financial difficulty

  • Come from students who have done well at school

  • Are from young people who have not yet enrolled on a course

Voluntary project:

We want applicants to think about the types of activities they could establish with no cost other than their time and enthusiasm. Strong projects should encourage partnership and relationship-building within the local community. Our current students have developed some excellent initiatives.

Past ideas have including:

  • Teaching English at a UN school

  • Helping establish a needlework group

  • Producing youth group video diaries

  • Providing computer coaching to children or re-training adults with new skills

  • Setting up a sports team

  • A Nakba history project

  • Local land use documentation projects

  • Working with disabled people

  • Setting up youth theatre programmes

  • Running play sessions in orphanages

  • Helping to restore historic buildings

  • Running adult literacy groups

  • Planting a public garden

Finally, there are some factors that may not help an application:

  • You have already started university

  • You are studying medicine or a course that takes longer than four years

  • Your family has regular income

  • Your family is able to pay for brothers and sisters to go to university

The application form is in Arabic and should be submitted to Ahdaf. For further information, instructions and advice on how to apply click here.

"The Ahdaf-Fobzu scholarship is very important because we need it. I can achieve my ambitions, I can do volunteer work, I can be independent. The people I met during the scholarship have become like a second family." - Ahdaf-Fobzu scholar.

Photo: Birzeit University by William Parry.