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Fobzu was founded out of friendship. Since 1978, we’ve been standing side by side with Palestinian higher education, supporting students and faculty under occupation and in exile. Through our scholarships, linking projects, awareness raising and more, we work in the UK to ensure that Palestinians teaching and learning in tough conditions don’t stand alone.

Join us in marking 45 years of solidarity with Palestinian students and academics

Support Fobzu’s work by becoming a Fobzu Friend

Fobzu Friends support us to:


  • Provide scholarships to Palestinian students in financial need at Birzeit University and in Gaza


  • Work to overcome the international isolation of Palestinian universities by building links with UK higher education.


  • Raise awareness in the UK about the challenges faced by Palestinian students and academics


  • Stand up for the rights of Palestinian academics and students






To show our thanks, each new Fobzu Friend will receive a range of benefits including:




  • A delicious gift from Zaytoun – providers of ethically sourced olive oil and fine foods from Palestine
  • Entry to the Fobzu 2024 Raffle, with a chance to win some amazing prizes!
  • Receive Fobzu's regular newsletter 'Access Online'
  • Priority seating at Fobzu events



Fobzu 2024 Raffle Prizes:


Palestinian olive oil and za'atar from



Palestinian artwork from

Levantine Gallery


Tickets to

Shubbak Festival 2024


Tickets to

Safar Film Festival 2024



Raffle dates will be 10 June, 19 June, and 20 July.  Festival tickets will be available in the first two draws only.

To become a Fobzu Friend, click below and set up a regular donation

Thank you for supporting Fobzu’s continuing work

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