Birzeit University: a brave choice

People say that university is the place to have a fresh start in life. I add that university is the place where you can reinvent and discover yourself.  Thank you Fobzu and my sponsor for helping my wishes.

Getting a scholarship to study at my high school in Hong Kong was a thrilling life experience – especially discovering different cultures – but I believe that coming back home for my undergraduate degree at Birzeit University was the real brave choice.

My experience at BZU started when I committed myself to my university life.  I decided to study Mechanical Engineering, having always been passionate about it. During my student life, I conducted several research projects, such as designing and building a car at the engineering workshops of the university, under the supervision of faculty members, assembling an electric smoking pipe, and many others. Besides using my projects to spread my personal message of belonging, I was also keen to balance between activities related to my major and other social activities, such as playing the Oud with the university band –Sanabel. 

At the end, there is only love and respect, at this point, I guess I can say “Birzeit University gave me more than any University could give”.