Your Legacy. Their Future.

Leave a Gift in your Will

Fobzu's work supports the right to education  and its role in the wider development of Palestinian civil society.  With your help, we can continue this important work.  Together, we can offer the students of tomorrow the opportunities, tools, and support they need to reach their potential and contribute to Palestine's future.

We value all legacies

Large or small, every legacy is a very personal and much appreciated gift.  Legacies can be monetary, or take the form of property, or items of value.  Gifts in memoriam can also be made to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Make a will

Making a will doesn't have to be costly or complicated. The best way to make a will is through your solicitor or legal adviser.

If you do not have a legal adviser, visit The Law Society website to find a solicitor in your area.

Update your will

If you already have a will, the simplest way to make alterations is by making a Codicil.

This is an instruction that is kept with your existing will and which your solicitor can draw up.

Types of legacies

Residuary. This is the remainder of your estate once other legacies, debts, taxes and expenses have been paid.  A gift to FOBZU can be all or part of the residue of your estate.

Pecuniary. This is a fixed sum of money.

Reversionary. This is left to a chosen beneficiary but reverts to the charity of your choice after their death. This type of legacy protects the needs of your immediate beneficiaries during their lifetime. An example would be leaving a house to a charity, but allowing the surviving spouse or family to live in the house until their death.

Let us know

You do not have to let us know if you have left a legacy in your will to Fobzu, although we greatly appreciate it if you can.  This does not place you under any obligation – it simply gives us an indication of future support and helps Fobzu to plan for the longer term.

To let us know of your plans you can complete a Legacy Pledge form.   Alternatively, you could simply send us a message online or write to us to discuss what you would like to do, or to let us know of your intentions.  Any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Fill in a Legacy Pledge form

A Pledge is not legally binding.  But it lets us know about your plans and helps FOBZU to plan for the future.

By remembering Fobzu in your will you will be contributing to Palestine's future by strengthening access to education

Thank you for your generous support

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