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Set up a Standing Order or send a Single Donation by Post

If you prefer, you can download a Donation Form and either use this to set up a Standing Order with your bank, or to accompany a cheque made out to 'Friends of Birzeit University'.  Once completed, please send the form to us at the address below.

Friends of Birzeit University

1 Gough Square

London EC4A 3DE

Your generosity promotes the right to education and its role in creating a free and flourishing Palestine.

Thank you.

You can help students like Sajeda overcome barriers

Donate to the Fobzu Winter Appeal

Palestinian students like Sajeda face enormous
obstacles to fulfilling their potential. Occupation,
blockade and exile hold back the whole of Palestinian
society. Covid has further exacerbated the situation.

A gift from you could help a student in financial need
achieve their dream of going to university and spread
hope in Palestine during dark times.

This scholarship means a lot to me, it lightens the financial
burden on my mother. I will make sure to do my best to get the
highest marks in order to deserve this scholarship.

Sajeda, Language Translation, Birzeit University

Fobzu Spring Appeal 2021

Hasan was doing his coursework on his phone

Now he has a laptop and WiFi

And he's made it onto Birzeit's honours list

Fobzu's work is making a difference

We couldn't do it without you

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