Back to School under Siege:

Hope amid war in Gaza



Nuriya Oswald, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights


Dr Nazmi Al Masri, Associate Professor of Education, Islamic University of Gaza 




Chair: Dr Mark Griffiths, Newcastle University


6.30pm, Thursday 30th September


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When: 6.30pm, Thursday 30th September

Where: Online

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This month Palestinian students and lecturers in Gaza are returning to campuses in the wake of the devastating war against the Strip and in the 14th year of closure. Join this webinar to learn about the impact of closure and the war on higher education in Gaza. Hear about the experience of students and lecturers studying and in teaching as they face these challenges and draw on sources of hope.

Nuriya Oswald is Al Mezan’s International Legal and Advocacy Director. She has worked with Al Mezan for more than eight years both in Gaza City and Geneva where Al Mezan has a focused engagement with the UN’s human rights bodies. Nuriya holds a LLM in international humanitarian and human rights law from the Geneva Academy and an MA in human rights from University College London

Dr Nazmi Al Masri is Associate Professor of Education at the Islamic University of Gaza. He received his PhD in education from Manchester University and is currently Co-Investigator on two research projects with UK universities. He has researched and published widely on language and pedagogy, and previously served as the Vice President for Foreign Affairs at the Islamic University.

Dr Mark Griffiths is a political geographer based at Newcastle University. His work in Palestine is focused on political and colonial power at various sites such as checkpoints, bureaucratic mechanisms and house demolitions. You can find Mark's work in journals such as Political Geography, Antipode and Society and Space.

The Education, Occupation & Liberation programme is co-hosted with the University and College Union (UCU). The series of lectures and seminars brings together Palestinian, UK and international scholars, students and practitioners to explore the challenges facing Palestinian education and its role in creating a free and flourishing Palestine.

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