Hasan was doing his coursework on his phone.


Now he has a laptop and WiFi.


And he's made it on to Birzeit's honours list.





Fobzu's work is making a difference.


We couldn't do it without you.






Since February there has been a sharp rise in Covid-19 infections in the occupied Palestinian territories. Once again, Palestinians are under lockdown. In a breach of its international legal duties as an occupying power, Israel has refused to ensure Palestinians receive the vaccinations they need.

For a third semester, Palestinian universities remain closed with classes moved online. Studying online is tough when you don't have a computer or a reliable internet connection. Fobzu responded to make sure students could continue their studies. We worked with UNRWA to provide laptops, tablets and internet to joint Fobzu-UNRWA students at Birzeit University and at universities in Gaza.


Adapting teaching online is a challenge for lecturers without support. Fobzu launched a project with the Centre for Distance Education at the University of London bringing together Birzeit, An-Najah, Al-Azhar and Bethlehem universities to facilitate knowledge sharing across Palestine and build up capacity in distance education among faculty. We're working to maximise access to education at this difficult time.

For the young people we support, a scholarship makes a world of difference. Today, Fobzu is providing 24 scholarships to Palestinian students in financial need at Birzeit and universities in Gaza. Thanks to your support we expect to be able to provide more next year. 


This is a challenging time for universities in Palestine but we're inspired by the students and academics we serve; they never give up and neither will we. Will you make a donation and show them your support?

You can help students like Sajeda overcome barriers

Donate to the Fobzu Winter Appeal

Palestinian students like Sajeda face enormous
obstacles to fulfilling their potential. Occupation,
blockade and exile hold back the whole of Palestinian
society. Covid has further exacerbated the situation.

A gift from you could help a student in financial need
achieve their dream of going to university and spread
hope in Palestine during dark times.

This scholarship means a lot to me, it lightens the financial
burden on my mother. I will make sure to do my best to get the
highest marks in order to deserve this scholarship.

Sajeda, Language Translation, Birzeit University

Fobzu Spring Appeal 2021

Hasan was doing his coursework on his phone

Now he has a laptop and WiFi

And he's made it onto Birzeit's honours list

Fobzu's work is making a difference

We couldn't do it without you

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