The Friends of Birzeit University 40th Anniversary programme


Alienation and Freedom: Education in the Struggle for National Liberation


Dr Samah Jabr

George Washington University, Chair of the Mental Health Unit, Palestine Ministry of Health

Room G03, 26 Bedford Way (University College London)

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In her lecture, prominent psychiatrist and scholar, Dr Samah Jabr explores themes of alienation and freedom in the context of the Palestinian struggle for national liberation. Dr Jabr examines the individual and collective psychological impact of the occupation of Palestine on Palestinians and how education can play an important role in overcoming this and contributing to realising freedom for the Palestinian people.

Dr Samah Jabr is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and writer. She is Assistant Clinical Professor, George Washington University, Washington DC and Chair of the Mental Health Unit at the Ministry of Health. Dr Jabr was formerly Head of the Ramallah Community Mental Health Centre. As a clinician, she also holds a private practice, works as a medical trainer and advises for local and international NGOs. She has been writing since the late 1990s, and has testified to the Palestinian daily experience in numerous articles and lectures. Alongside the documentary, her eponymous book Derrière les fronts : chroniques d’une psychiatre psychothérapeute palestinienne sous occupation [Beyond the Frontlines: Columns from a Palestinian Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist under Occupation] was published by PMN Editions in 2018.

This lecture is made possible thanks to the generous support of Interpal and the Estate of the Late Sarah Hayward.

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