What people say

Daniel Barenboim - Conductor and Musician

“I believe the work of the Friends of Birzeit University is of invaluable importance. Education is extremely important for the flourishing of any society, but especially so in areas with political problems. The fight against ignorance is no less important than the fight against famine, and the more people can be made to understand this, the better.” 

Professor Khalil Hindi - President of Birzeit University

“Instilling the love of life, rather than exhaltation of death, is a challenging task in the case of Palestine, but it is a task that education must undertake with determination if we are to survive all the trials and tribulations that have been foisted upon us.  And in that sense, ladies and gentlemen, by supporting our university, through the marvellous work of Friends of Birzeit University, you are contributing to life and to living it decently.”

Sam West - Actor

“We all get inspired by papers and teachers and conferences that take us out of our own areas of expertise and make us feel like citizens of the world and not just citizens of our own back yard... If we can spread the word to students that we are thinking about them and that we're trying to make it easier for them to have those world-expanding ambitions then perhaps they won't feel quite so alone.”

Charles Handy - Specialist in Organizational Development

“I think education is absolutely the foundation of a good life.  It takes many forms and I am not necessarily saying that sitting in a classroom writing everything down is the way it should be, but actually learning to make the most of yourself, building your self-esteem, education is the best way to do that… [You] just feel very sorry for people who don’t have that chance.  So anything that Birzeit University and other people can do to bring that kind of uplift to the people of Palestine is very important.” 

Christine Blower - General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, UK

“What is life without education?  And clearly for most Palestinians, life is grindingly difficult.  And if they can’t even access education it will be utter misery.  So I think that the link between the possibility of developing the community and the society, but also the need for people to just develop in themselves every aspect of their potential is so important and that’s why education is really the critical right that every person should have…  Education is an absolute right and not a privilege and all young people should definitely be able to access education to the absolute limit of what they can possibly do.  And that’s why  we’re involved with Fobzu…”