Popular unarmed resistance in Palestine

Popular unarmed resistance talk

On 20 April, Caabu hosted an event in Parliament on popular unarmed resistance in Palestine, with Fobzu trustee, academic and co-author of Popular Protest in Palestine: The Uncertain Future of Unarmed Resistance, Dr Marwan Darweish.

Dr Darweish set out his talk by raising questions about the nature of unarmed resistance in Palestine, the many challenges it faces as well as its prospects for the future.  

Popular Protest in Palestine provides an overview and analysis of the role and significance of unarmed civil resistance in the Palestinian national movement. The main focus is on the contemporary popular resistance movement in occupied Palestine, but it is prefaced by a historical review of the thread of unarmed civil resistance that has run throughout the history of the Palestinian liberation struggle.

It informs a contemporary readership about this under-emphasised dimension of the Palestinian struggle, arguing that at the present juncture the popular resistance movement, especially in the West Bank, is the most significant form of struggle against the ongoing occupation.

The book also addresses the international dimensions of the Palestinian struggle, focusing in particular on the BDS campaign, the role of international solidarity activists in occupied Palestine and beyond, and the changing forms of engagement developed by international agencies seeking to work on the roots of the conflict whilst fulfilling their humanitarian aid mandates.

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