Five reasons to dig deep and donate today

See what Palestinian students have to say in their own words about the right to education and what a scholarship means to them.

1. You're providing a lifeline for young Palestinians

"Half of our house was burnt down during the recent war on Gaza. Now we live in the remaining half. Without this scholarship I couldn't complete my studies." Muath

2. It means the world to students under occupation

"I live close to the settlement of Beitar Illit. When I was a child, soldiers were always there. Last week, at 1am they started to play music, make a noise and shout that they would come for us with their guns. That night we stayed up until 6am waiting for them to leave." Shahd

3. You're building the resilience of a new generation

"The occupation's goal is to stop education. That is why there are lots of checkpoints to make it difficult to come to university. Coming to university is resisting." Afaf

4. You're standing up for everyone's right to education

"I'm not fighting for the right to education for Palestinians, but for the right to education for all human beings."

5. You're helping Palestinians create a better future

"I do not just want to say 'I am a refugee, my situation is bad.' My scholarship has given me the drive to make the world better. Of course we have the power to change things. If you hear about Mahatma Gandhi and Mandela, you know a single human being can change the world." Munjed

Will you help Palestinian students who rely on financial support to continue their studies?

We believe our scholarships should not only benefit individual students, but encourage them to benefit the people around them.

Please give a young person in Palestine the opportunity to continue their education and to benefit the people around them.

We promise to use your donation to support the educational needs of the Palestinian people, wherever the need is greatest.