What scholarship students write

'I'm so thankful to the donor for his effortsand so are my family. This scholarship helps me a lot, it lessens the financial burden on my family, and it also helps me concentrating in my study instead of thinking how to get the semester costs. I'm trying to use this scholarship the best way I can to finish my study and graduate with high scores, that qualifies me to find a job, to maintain a good life and help my brother and sisters to finish their university studies.............'

'Receiving this scholarship has given me the ability to pursue my goal to be an electrical engineer.  Through your generosity you have made my journey towards my future goals that much closer.  I hope that in the future, I can emulate the same support that has been afforded to me........'

'I am looking to finishing my BA degree and then to specialize in construction management and get masters in that field.  All my life I will be always thankful to all of you for your help which enabled me to continue my study and most probably to graduate on time, so thank you very much...................'

'I started to come alive when I was informed of your generous  and life saving scholarship for this year.  Growing up in a less  privileged community (Kalandya Camp),  which is located 6kms from the city of Ramallah, has not only offered financial and academic challenges, but it has importantly made me realise the value of college education.............................'   

'My dream in the future is to open my own company of Information Technology  here in Palestine, so I'll start climbing the ladder step by step.  I plan to work at Technology companies, them expand my work.  I would like to thank you very  much for giving me this opportunity to complete my third year at the university and helping me pay my university fees..............'