How do they work?

Selection criteria

The University receives  far more applications for scholarships than there are funds available. 

Once applicants show they meet the high academic requirements of BU, the University selects students facing financial hardship.  Priority is given to students living in rural areas of Palestine. 

Fobzu sponsors may name their scholarship in someone's memory.   Additional criteria for the award of their scholarship may be for students who:

  • attend a course that would equip him/her to represent the Palestinian cause e.g. Law and Public Administration
  • are from a refugee camp
  • have been orphaned
  • have a disability
  • are gifted and talented
  • live in  a particular village with which the sponsor has an affiliation
  • come from a family that has had no previous access to Further Education

With so many students in need of financial support, some sponsors may prefer to leave the criteria entirely open and this is helpful to the University.

Selection process

The University set up a Student Aid Committee (SAC)  to scrutinze and give careful consideration to each scholarship applicant.  The SAC  consists of academics, administrative staff  and a member of the student council.

The applicants are required to submit:

  • a statement addressing reasons for applying for the scholarship
  • a range of information about their financial, family and personal situation.  

Hearing from your student

Successful students are required to sign an agreement stating that they will inform Fobzu of his/her progress twice a year in approximately September and June. Fobzu forwards the reports to the student’s sponsor.

The student should include a general progress report describing the difficulties he/she might be facing., his/her future plans, student life at Birzeit University, his/her interests and anything which would be of interest to the sponsor.