1. What are the main selection criteria for awarding fobzu’s scholarships?

    Students have to meet the academic requirements set by Birzeit University and be experiencing financial hardship.  There are many students who meet these criteria and careful consideration is given during the selection process.

  2. How are students selected at Birzeit?

    Students are selected by the Student Aid Committee which evaluates applicants according to the criteria set by the University.  The University gathers considerable information about the applicant and a strict transparent and equitable process is applied.

  3. Can I apply my own additional criteria?

    Yes. As long as students meet the academic standards of Birzeit University and are experiencing financial hardship some sponsors may wish to apply additional criteria to do with the following:   gender, refugee status,  a physical or learning disability and field or level of study.  Such is the number of students who need financial help that some sponsors choose not to apply their own criteria leaving the award of the scholarship  up to the Student Aid Committee.

  4. Can I sponsor a Master’s degree?

    Yes. Many sponsors generously decide to continue their sponsorship for a further 2 years should their student wish to study for a Master’s degree.  This is a unique opportunity for those students and many are eager to carry on with their studies recognising that a further qualification increases their chances in the future.

  5. How do students get to hear about the scholarship programme?

    An announcement about the scholarship is usually made on the university website. Hard copies of the announcement may be posted on bulletin boards around the campus.

  6. For how long can I sponsor a scholarship?

    Sponsors may fund a student for one year or for the duration of a 4-year Bachelor degree.  Certain degrees, such as Architecture, take up to 6 years.

  7. What does the scholarship cover?

    The scholarship, costing £1950 per year, covers: fees, registration and the cost to fobzu of the administration of the scholarship.

  8. When are the funds transferred?

    Birzeit University requires fobzu to transfer funds in advance between April and July. The university needs surety that the funds have been received by fobzu.  In order to confirm a scholarship the university must receive the funds.

  9. Can I pay in instalments?

    Yes. It is helpful to fobzu and to the University if the yearly cost of the scholarship is paid in advance.  That way the University has the surety to award the scholarship.  However, we are able to make flexible arrangements.

  10. When is the scholarships awarded?

    The Student Aid Committee normally awards the scholarships between July and September once funds have been received. In some cases, the scholarship is awarded at the beginning of the second term. This is to ensure that the student has met the required academic standards and used as a safeguard.

  11. Can I contribute towards a student’s other costs – books, travel, living expenses?

    Yes. Donors can contribute to the vital ‘Rapid Response Fund’ which covers additional expenses such as books, living expenses, accommodation or travel.  Funds from the ‘Rapid Response Fund’ may be given to any student at the University at short notice should it be found that a student is struggling financially.

  12. Will I receive academic reports or a letter from my student?

    Yes. It is extremely important that sponsors are kept informed about their student’s progress.  Scholars are required to sign an agreement stating that they will inform fobzu of their academic progress twice a year, usually in September and June. These reports are forwarded to the student’s sponsor. They also write a letter to the sponsor describing their life Birzeit, their future plans, etc. Of course, their level of English is variable.

  13. Can I get in touch directly with my student?

    Students appreciate hearing from their sponsors and vice-versa. However, direct contact is not encouraged at the outset of the scholarship.  This is to protect both the sponsor and the student. Communication can be forwarded through fobzu.

  14. Can I sponsor a student anonymously?

    Yes. Several sponsors wish their sponsorship to be anonymous and this is strictly respected and carefully managed by fobzu and Birzeit.