Testimonials from student counsellors

Hussam Driedi

Hussam chose to undertake the CCE course because he had met previous students and was impressed by them. He feels that he has developed a lot of skills on the programme and has gained a lot of experience. He had been working for over a year as a school counsellor before taking the course and he learned on the course that he had been doing a lot of things in the wrong way. Now he runs things differently.

Ahmed Khalid

Ahmed works as a school counsellors in secondary and elementary schools. Since being appointed as a school counsellor he has undertaken at least 10 training courses. He decided to take this one because of the reputation of the CCE. He feels that the course has been more beneficial than he thought it would be and is deeply relevant to his work. He thinks that this course should contribute to a Master’s degree.

Mirvat Jiries

Mirvat has worked as a school counsellor in an elementary school for 3 years. She has taken many training courses since starting her work at the school but she felt that she was taking courses just for the sake of taking them and they did not benefit her at all. She wanted to do this course as she heard that it would help her to work on herself. She feels that to understand others, she needed to understand herself first. She thinks her experience has grown a lot since she started the programme.

Daher Hermas

Daher has worked for four years as a school counsellor in an elementary school as well as a secondary school. He has undertaken many short training courses since becoming a school counsellor. He was nominated to come on the CCE programme and was initially not sure about it. He now feels that this course is better than the four years he spent at university.

Rola Al Zeer

Rola works in a school for girls and this programme was the first training she has had since she left university. She said that this course has helped a lot to develop a plan for her work at the school and hopes to implement it when she goes back to work. She would recommend (already has) others to do the course. Next on Rola’s list is a Master’s degree.